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We Share Our Mothers Health,
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The Knife We Share Our Mothers Health Single

We Share Our Mothers Health is the first single from the album Silent Shout, and comes courtesy of the Swedish brother & sister pairing whom are responsible for writing "Heartbeats" (which Jose Gonzalez famously covered).

My initial thoughts upon listening to this single were one of bemusement, this track could have quite easily appeared as a soundtrack to a Sega Megadrive game in the early 90's. We Share Our Mothers Health certainly comes up trumps in the quirky department. This sharp and wonderfully colourful electro-pop hard-hitter features huge dubby bass that really dominates, and comes complete with distinctive cheesy old skool synth stabs and spacey blips. And to add further to the surreal goings on, the vocals come across as native African rather than European. It's a very extraordinary, but refreshing single.

The release comes complete with 3 remixes, The Trentmoller Remix goes down a minimalist tech-house path but flourishes into a beastly monster after a long drawn out breakdown. The Radio Slave's Secret Base Remix takes a completely different route from the original, following a minimal techno path with the dub bass providing the groove, and The Ratatat Remix provides the most laid-back cut for those that yearn something a little less in your face.

If your looking for something unique, odd, fun and interesting all rolled into one, then look no further. And if you're a dj, then the dancefloor orientated remixes just might hit the spot.

Colin Burrill

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