Not only was there disappointment for fans of The Killers in Manchester last night, but there was for those hoping to see the Las Vegas band perform tonight in the UK city as well, with the group announcing that they were having to reschedule both shows.

As has been widely reported, The Killers return to Manchester – their first shows there for three and a half years – went with rather a whimper after the group’s front man Brandon Flowers was forced to quit the stage at the Manchester Arena after just five songs complaining that he’d lost his voice. Last night (November 13) on Facebook, the group then wrote a status update that read: “Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry. Working on rescheduling tonight and tomorrow's shows. Will let you know new dates ASAP.”

The response to the message has largely been positive, however there were a few disgruntled comments, with some fans clearly having traveled quite some distance – from as far away as Dubai in one instance. One ranted “You really should have come out yourselves to apologize !' Not good enough to send that guy who was shakin!!! So do the right thing please !!!” after the group had sent someone out to inform the sell-out 18,000 crowd that the band wouldn’t be coming back on. Someone else commented “I traveled all the way from South Wales to come see you tonight. Brandon, I hope you step on a plug and you've run out of strepsils.” Ouch. The group have two days to be ready to play the O2 Arena in London on Friday (November 16).