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Is There A Brightside? The Killers Walk Off Stage After 5 Songs

By Lorna Greville  | 14th November 2012

In a particularly disappointing anti-climax to a show that thousands of people had been looking forward to, The Killers were forced to leave the stage, apparently due to front man Brandon Flowers' illhealth, reports the...

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"I'm Sorry, We've Got To Stop", The Killers End Manchester Gig After 4 Songs

By Michael West | 14th November 2012

"I'm sorry. I've never had to do this before. We've got to stop," were the words of The Killers' Brandon Flowers in Manchester last night (November 13, 2012) after cutting short the band's arena concert...

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The Killers Cancel Tonight's Show After Walk-off In Manchester

By Contributor | 14th November 2012

Not only was there disappointment for fans of The Killers in Manchester last night, but there was for those hoping to see the Las Vegas band perform tonight in the UK city as well, with...

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The Killers Cut Shows Due To Voice Loss

14th November 2012

The Killers' Brandon Flowers was forced to cut a show short after losing his voice last night (13.11.12). The 'Runaways' band had to end their set at the Manchester Evening News arena in the north...

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The Killers Cancel Concert As Brandon Flowers' Voice Falters

14th November 2012

The Killers were forced to abandon a gig in Manchester, England on Tuesday night (13Nov12) after frontman Brandon Flowers suffered voice problems.The Mr. Brightside hitmakers took to the stage at the Manchester Arena and Flowers...

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The Killers Announce Biggest Ever Concert

13th November 2012

The Killers have announced their biggest ever concert.The band - Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci - will perform at London's Wembley Stadium on Saturday June 22, 2013.It is the largest standalone...

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The Things They Say: 3369799

13th November 2012

"We've become good friends with Muse. We get along so well, so I'd never rule out working together. We would be trying to outdo each other. It would be spectacular, the choruses would be huge."...

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Brandon Flowers: Families Should Be Together

11th November 2012

Brandon Flowers believes it's important families spend time together.The Killers frontman has three sons, Ammon, five, Gunnar, three, and 20-month-old Henry, with wife Tana, and likes to be with them as much as possible because...

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Carly Rae Jepsen's Aunt Predicted Hit

10th November 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen knew 'Call Me Maybe' would be a hit when her aunt started jumping up and down on the couch to it. The singer realised her track - which has been a mega...

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Brandon Flowers' Teeth Rotted

3rd November 2012

Brandon Flowers' teeth rotted away when he was a teenager.The Killers frontman admits his perfect white smile now is a result of having to undergo cosmetic dentistry and have veneers fitted because he didn't look...

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The Killers Star Haunted By Tommy Marth's Last Texts

31st October 2012

The Killers rocker Dave Keuning is haunted by a text message he received from the band's former saxophonist Tommy Marth just days before his suicide.The musician was found dead at his home in Las Vegas...

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Brandon Flowers Will Never Drink Again

26th October 2012

Brandon Flowers never wants to get drunk again.The Killers frontman - who is a practising Mormon - doesn't really enjoy drinking alcohol and has no desire to get intoxicated in the future, despite booze being...

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Bizarre Celebrity Mix For X Factor Final: Beyonce, Cher And The Killers

By Hayley Avron | 23rd October 2012

If you think that The X Factor is weird now (what with Rylan’s increasingly bizarre, camp stage productions, a grown man that apparently cannot stop shaking whenever Dermot O’Leary speaks to him and a weekly...

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Psy Ready To Lose 'International Virginity'

23rd October 2012

PSY is looking forward to losing his ''international virginity'' at the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs). The Korean singing sensation - who has hit number one in over 15 countries with his track 'Gangnam Style'...

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Alice Cooper: Young Rock Bands Are 'Boring'

22nd October 2012

Alice Cooper has slammed young rock bands for becoming ''really boring''. The 'Hey Stoopid' singer hit out at modern male groups saying they are too sensitive and ''afraid'' to be themselves, and he has been...

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The Chevin- Why Is This British Band Is Better Known In The Us Than At Home?

By Lorna Greville  | 18th October 2012

Since Contact Music spoke to UK band The Chevin, their highly anticipated first album 'Borderland' has been released and they have returned to the US to continue touring with various other American bands. It seems...

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Morrissey Turned Down The Killers

2nd October 2012

British rocker Morrissey turned down the chance to perform with The Killers because he is "just not the type".The Mr. Brightside hitmakers have long cited the former The Smiths frontman as one of their biggest...

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Marcus Mumford Denies Babel's Christian Faith Statement

28th September 2012

Marcus Mumford denies 'Babel' symbolises Mumford and Sons' Christian faith.The frontman - whose father was a vicar - insists the album isn't a statement of their religious views and the band are more driven by...

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The Killers Pay Homage To The Late Andy Williams On Stage

By Contributor | 27th September 2012

The Killers paid tribute to legendary crooner Andy Williams during a concert on Wednesday night (September 26th) by performing a rendition of his classic song Moon River. The band took to the stage at The...

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Carly Rae Jepsen Misses Out On Top Five As Pink Triumphs With First Number One

26th September 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen has missed out on a top five debut in the U.S. album charts thanks in part to Pink, The Killers and Kanye West.The Call Me Maybe singer's debut Kiss underwhelmed with 46,000...

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The Killers Beat Pink To The Top Of The U.k. Album Charts

23rd September 2012

The Killers have scored their fourth number one album in Britain.The Las Vegas-based group's Battle Born has become the third-fastest selling album of the year in the U.K., beating out opening week sales of Pink's...

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The Killers' 'Lucky' Career

19th September 2012

The Killers admit they've been ''lucky'' with their career.The 'Runaways' rockers have recently returned with their fourth studio album, 'Battle Born', after a four-year break and the group's drummer Ronnie Vannucci is hoping they will...

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The Killers Wish Elvis Could Advise Them

17th September 2012

The Killers wish Elvis Presley was still alive to offer them career advice. The 'Miss Atomic Bomb' group worked long and hard to complete their new album, 'Battle Born', and drummer Ronnie Vannucci said if...

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The Killers Started With Chip On Their Shoulder

12th September 2012

The Killers had a ''chip on their shoulder'' when they were starting out.The 'Runaways' band played tiny venues in the UK to often indifferent crowds before they became a household name with the release of...

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Brandon Flowers In Agony After Shoulder Surgery

10th September 2012

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has been left in agony after surgery for a trapped nerve in his shoulder only made matters worse.The Mr. Brightside rocker suffers from a curved acromion bone in his arm...

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Brandon Flowers Changed With Fame

10th September 2012

Brandon Flowers admits that fame changed him.The Killers frontman says he began wearing eccentric stage outfits and acting cocky in the band's early days in order to feel more confident because he couldn't cope with...

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Brandon Flowers' Obsolete Worry

9th September 2012

Brandon Flowers is always worried The Killers will be ''obsolete''. The 31-year-old singer admits he has found writing the band's fourth album 'Battle Born' to be his toughest yet because he is nervous fans of...

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Q Awards Nominations Revealed

6th September 2012

Blur, The Stone Roses, Florence + the Machine and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lead the nominations for this year's Q Awards.The four acts have each received nominations in two categories for this year's ceremony,...

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Brandon Flowers Won't Leave Las Vegas

6th September 2012

Brandon Flowers won't leave Las Vegas as he is gripped by a ''weird fear'' about what could happen if he moves. The 'Mr. Brightside' singer grew up in the city, which is famous for its'...

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