The Ivories

The Ivories

Leeds Warehouse
Live Review

Leeds is certainly proving to be a hive of activity for live music at the moment. Undoubtedly music lovers will have heard of Kaiser Chiefs who are flying the flag for Leeds these days and spawned a batch of other bands like Duels, Forward Russia and Black Wire. Funnily enough the lead singer of The Ivories Helena goes out with the lead singer of Black Wire that shows the incestuous and close knit relationship of the Leeds scene. This is definitely a good thing as the wave of talent breaking through from West Yorkshire is exceptional and The Ivories are no exception.

There is a buzz in The Warehouse tonight and The Ivories are the first band on. They used to be called The Holy Terror and by my reckoning the change of names is definitely a good thing, in fact the name The Ivories is a great name and it's surprising no one else has ever called themselves that before. So it's a good start. Seeing all the scensters in the audience you get the air of anticipation that this is the beginning of a big band.
When they came on stage you can see why. This is a girl band but a far cry from The Spice Girls. There's no selling out or pop dross with The Ivories. Helena, the lead singer, is striking with a sexy and demure image that cries sophistication and class. The whole band has an edge that is something out of New York rather than the north of England. They can play too. Cathy on bass has an impressive style that has attitude and depth that works well with the songs. Guitarist Emma plays licks that stab and penetrate to carry weight and style to the music. As sexy Anna plays interesting drum patterns who so seems to be enjoying playing it's hard to take your eyes of her.
So they open with 'Lies' and immediately grab your attention. You know this band means business and they have an impressive stage presence. Helena is more static than Karen O lets say but you could draw similarities. The music is very much in the spirit of New Wave with punk, electro-clash influences but what stands out for me is that their is no ego in the songs. They are all well constructed to display a feminine attitude that has a serious raw sexuality yet a vulnerability that draws you in. They continue on with the set and play 'Tonight', 'Walk Away', 'Heartstrings', 'Disappointment' and their latest single 'Reduce The Temperature' to rapturous applause. They finish with 'Contrary' to leave the audience revitalised and full of optimistic youth.

It was a good performance and I could see that this band has lots of potential for future success. The attitude was refreshing and enticing, and the music was very much in the spirit of current trends. With so much sex appeal and youth you can't help but feel this band have every chance of becoming well known.

Tareck Ghoneim