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The Immediate
Stop And Remember
Single Review

The Immediate Stop And Remember Single

This Dublin based 4-piece are all multi-instrumentalists feeling as comfortable with a guitar as they are sat in front of a drum kit. But as you should know a high degree of musicianship doesn't always guarantee great music. Stop and Remember is the bands 2nd single taken from the forthcoming debut album 'In Towers And Clouds'.
This single sounds seems to carry a slight Franz Ferdinand meets the Red Hot Chilli Peppers influence, with harmonised vocals, a driving rhythm section, and stop-start arrangements, it's pop-rock with momentary energetic bursts, but rather unfortunately it's a pretty uninspiring release that sounds too similar to the current influx of pop-rock singles we have already endured this year.

Comparisons have been made with Radiohead, but there is nothing to suggest anything slightly Thom Yorke and company here. And in the end, although Stop and Remember is far from awful, I won't be stopping for this song, and I seriously doubt I'll be remembering it either.

Colin Burrill

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