Review of Anthems for Doomed Youth Album by The High Dials

Canada's best kept secrets The High Dials go all 'pop' on their 4th full length. Anthems for Doomed Youth follows their mod influenced debut album 'A New Devotion', the psychedelic pop of 'War of The Waking Phantoms' and the dark country noir of their previous album 'Moon Country'. Hard to believe now but it's been 7 years since their debut and 'Anthems for Doomed Youth' also represents a return to their original home Rainbow Quartz.

The High Dials Anthems for Doomed Youth Album

'Anthems for 'Doomed Youth' does exactly what it says on the tin as on initial listens it becomes apparent that the songs wouldn't sound out of place on the likes of teenage movie soundtracks like Juno. Album opener 'Teenage Love Made Me Insane' is a bright, jaunty 60s jangly pop number as is I'm Over You (I Know It's True). Album highlights however are Uruguay and Mysterio - their only hark back to their psychedelic past.

High Dials fans will be in for as bit of a surprise with this one. It's a wide move away from their previous independently released effort 'Moon Country' with its dark, delicate, insular and often beautiful songs. Instead they've opted for an accessible upbeat powerpop which owes more to the influences of Teenage Fanclub and Big Star than any of their previous releases. Teenage dreams maybe hard to beat but hopefully this will be the album that propels them into their rightful place in the Premiership.


Scott Causer

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