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Graham Loves Tantric Sex

Heather Graham The Guru

Heather Graham has her role in The Guru to thank for her happy home life - it taught her the joys of tantric sex.

The actress learned the techniques for increased pleasure during lovemaking while filming the 2002 movie, in which she played a porn actress who coaches a sex expert.

And she admits she's been a fan of the method ever since, and uses it to improve her performance in the bedroom.

She says, "You haven't lived until you've tried sexual healing. I first got into it when I was filming The Guru in 2002 and I haven't looked back.

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Heather Graham - Closet Voyeur

The Guru Boogie Nights

The Guru beauty HEATHER GRAHAM spends many naughty hours sitting by her window spying on her naked neighbours.

The pretty actress, who stripped off in 1997 movie Boogie Nights, admits to whiling away hours on end gazing out of the window of her New York apartment people watching.

She says, "There's one man over the way who sits at his computer naked all day long and an older couple who like to lounge around naked."

04/08/2003 14:19

Heather Graham Takes It Easy

Boogie Nights Heather Graham The Guru

Boogie Nights beauty Heather Graham credits her therapist for teaching her
to lead a simple life - which helped turn her into a successful movie star.

Pretty Heather recently starred in The Guru as a sex goddess, but claims
she would not be the strong person she has become without the help of her

She says, "She's helped me see that I used to feel I had to succeed and
achieve things to prove I was worthy. But then you realise that's a losing
battle because if you're self critical, or a perfectionist, then your
achievements will never be
good enough.

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Heather Graham Stresses Importance Of 'Non-Celeb' Friends

The Guru Heather Graham

The Guru beauty Heather Graham finds it hard just having celebrity friends
- because she's discovered there aren't enough stars to go around.

The blonde actress, who recently moved from California to New York, has
found socialising in Hollywood must include civilians if anyone wants to have a
large selection of friends.

She says, "I don't have that many celeb friends. They're fun to meet, but
you have to have your non-celeb friends too. Everyone does - there aren't
enough celebrities out there."

01/05/2003 17:17

The Guru - Heather Graham Jimi Mistry & Daisy von Scherler Mayer Video Interviews

The Guru
Exclusive interviews

Heather Graham sings in Hindi and talks about the complex bangra dance routines she had days to learn. She also discusses her concerns of being typecast as an adult movie star.

Jimi Mistry talks about his inspiration for the saucy "Risky Business" dance routine, his loveable character and working on a major movie production.

Director Daisy von Scherler Mayer chats about casting Jimi, Heather and Marisa. She also explains the difficulties she had to deal with in shooting Bollywood style dance sequences.

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The Guru - Sanjeev Kumar Q+A

The Guru
Sanjeev Kumar Q+A

Why have Goodness Gracious Me and the Kumars at Number 42 been popular with such a broad TV audience?

I think GGM was popular because although it was written and performed by British Asians, the humour was quite universal, it was quite popular around the world. Everyone could relate to the characters, it just so happened that these characteristics lived in Indian bodies. The Kumars similarly, is really about a family, some countries are now developing their own version of the Kumars.

Goodness Gracious Me has been described as “the oil of race relations” – what if any influence do you think it has had on breaking down prejudices towards ‘ethnic’ races in Britain?

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The Guru - Bollywood Explosion

The Guru
Bollywood Explosion

The UK is currently experiencing an explosion of Bollywood. From fashion gurus dressing models in bangles, silk and saris to the V&A exhibiting film posters, you can’t fail to notice the trendy phenomenon.

Front covers of Sunday supplements and listing magazines carry vibrant images of Bollywood icons and beautiful leading ladies heralding our Indian summer.

Let’s begin with cinema, which is growing on the country’s mainstream audience. In August ‘The Guru’, starring Jimi Mistry, dishes up a generous serving of a groovy mix of Bollywood/Hollywood dance theatrical routines.

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