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Fascinating Fact: 4118893

Sarah Michelle Gellar's 2004 horror film The Grudge is getting a reboot. Midnight Meat Train screenwriter Jeff Buhler has been enlisted to pen the script....

Ringu Tops Asian Horror Film Poll

Cult Japanese film RINGU has topped a new poll to find the best Asian horror film ever made. The 1998 HIDEO NAKATA chiller,...

Gellar's Tears Of Embarrassment

THE GRUDGE actress SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR once became so emotional during a photoshoot in New York she burst into tears. The 28-year-old star started...

The Incredibles Scoops Incredible Box Office Haul

Animated superhero adventure THE INCREDIBLES has lived up to its name, after topping the American box office with a debut haul of $70.7 million (GBP39.2...