Review of Do It Right Single by The Go Team

The Go! Team
Do It Right
Single Review

The Go Team Do It Right Single

The Go! Team just seem to be churning out records quicker than Sven Goran Eriksson is making player signings, which is a lot.

The Go! Team are just one of those groups that everything they do seems fun. Doing It Right is the follow up from Grip Like Vice and is yet another taster of the mad sounds that are coming from this Brighton lot. Put it this way if you are feeling low of drained, slam Do It Right into your CD player, crank up the sounds and feed of their energy. This band are explosive and are just going from strength to strength.

Interestingly enough for those that listen to more than just the Single, the second track Milk Crisis is yet another feel good belter and could have been a Single in it's own right as well.

You can sense that this anthem feel track will be a firm live favourite with The Go! Team faithful, it just has that sing a long feel to it. A mad band that don't seem to take themselves too serious are out there producing some real feel good music.

Mark Moore

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