Hip-hop star The Game has opened up about his July (12) fight with 40 Glocc, blaming the rival rapper for starting their ongoing feud by insulting the Dreams hitmaker's fiancee and kids in an online rant.

40 Glocc, real name Tory Gassway, claims he was leaving a party in the summer when he was jumped by The Game and his entourage and beaten up for no reason.

The Game filmed the alleged incident on his iPhone and published footage on YouTube.com, prompting 40 Glocc to hit back with a lawsuit for unspecified damages.

In his court papers, the plaintiff also accused The Game of chasing after him with a gun prior to the video footage and insisting he would "end it right now" if Glocc didn't surrender to a beating, which left him with injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys and back.

The Game laughed off the legal action and mocked 40 Glocc via his Twitter.com account in October (12), and now he's explaining the origins of the fall-out - insisting he couldn't let his rival get away with making such disparaging comments about his loved ones without suffering the consequences.

He tells America's Sister 2 Sister magazine, "40 Glocc went on the internet and he called my fiancee a b**ch, and he talked about my kids and all of that. Now that's something I can't condone, no matter how much I been in church, no matter how much Christian I get (sic).

"Calling my woman a b**ch is the worst thing you can do to me. And you bring up my kids - everybody know how I am (sic), as far as my parenting is concerned. I guard my kids with my life. And so anybody verbally, physically or just any type of disrespect to my family, I'm gonna see (to) them. Period. That has to be addressed."