Rapper The Game has come to terms with the ban U.S. TV bosses have placed on the video for his new single Red Nation, insisting there's "no love lost".
The Dreams star, real name Jayceon Taylor, was outraged when he learned the promo, which features collaborator Lil Wayne, was deemed inappropriate by bosses of cable networks MTV and Bet, due to its portrayal of gang culture.
He took to his Twitter.com blog on Tuesday (10May11) to voice his shock at the decision, writing, "So Bet 'Banned' the RedNation video !!!!! Said me & (Wayne) were too gang affiliated in it. Thoughts? ...The video so Hard it just got 'Banned' from MtV too ha ha ha...."
The Game, who has vowed to release the video online himself this week (ends13May11), has now overcome his initial outrage and accepts his promo may not be suitable for everyone.
He says, "No love is lost for Bet and Mtv. I know they have standards for all ages watching the networks.
"I didn't want to change the artistic integrity of the music video and with the amount of people watching videos online, I know that all my fans will still be able to find it."
The news comes after The Game was forced to cancel a tour of Canada last month (Apr11) after immigration officials refused him entry into the country due to his alleged affiliation with notorious Los Angeles gang The Bloods.