Review of How We Do Single by The Game

The Game

The Game - How We Do - feat 50 Cent - Single Review

The Game

How We Do

feat 50 Cent

The Game is set to be the next big rap sensation. With Eminem and 50 Cent becoming superstars there is now a place for hip hop in the commercial mainstream that is set to sell. The Game has got the same venom and attitude as 50 Cent and ‘How We Do’ is produced by Dre and Elizondo, so you could expect this track to have a similar vibe to the G-Unit sound. It’s got that heavy head nodding bass, scientifical synth sounds and hard hitting, no nonsense vocal delivery

The Game - How We Do - feat 50 Cent - Single Review

from The Game. 50 Cent pimps up the track and the beats are crisp, as you’d expect from Dre. It all creates an edgy street hip hop tune that’s got attitude and a bit of rump in the hump. The Game seems to be the real deal, with real skills and inner city shine to appeal to hustlers, B-Boys and Buppies.

Tareck Ghoneim

The Game feat 50 cent This is how we do' - released: 14 th February 2005 - AFTERMATH/G UNIT

In The Game, Dr Dre has succeeded in finding another chart-friendly rapper that will bring home the Benjamins for Aftermath. Dr Dre seems to be relentless in the search for new talent and The Game is his latest project. He follows the likes of Snoop, Eminem and 50 Cent himself, as a new rapper being given the chance to shine in the dog-eat-dog music business. Only time will tell on how long The Game's career will last, but this record will arouse interest in his first album at least and with Dr Dre and 50 Cent by his side, he could be in worse company.

50 Cent outshines The Game by adding more than half a buck's worth to the lyrics, but This is How We Do will be a hit with all gangster rap fans and anyone who enjoys Dr Dre's productions.

Alex Mula