Review of Get A Life Single by The Freestylers

The Freestylers

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The Freestylers - ‘Get A Life’ - Single Review

The Freestylers

Get A Life

The Freestylers continues to push dance music into new areas. The energy of the track in intense. Driving break beats, with use of synthesisers, create a metal and industrial street feel. I could see this track going down well with skaters and techno heads. The Freestylers have captured an area of sound that incorporates many progressive styles of music and fuse it into a new sound, something like techno punk with drum and bass beats. The atmospherics create a good edge to the record as well. The vocals are effective and sung well. We are also lucky enough to get a Roni Size remix on this single which is great. It’s well bouncy and smooth. Good stuff.

Tareck Ghoneim

Music - The Freestylers - ‘Get A Life’ - Single Review