Review of Chelsea Dagger Single by The Fratellis

The Fratellis
Chelsea Dagger
Single Review

The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger Single

The Fratellis have what can only be described as a typical drunken happy go Larry sing a long. Oh yes, Chelsea Dagger, is just that and it is what is getting these guys recognised on the ol' music scene, they have dangled the maggot and boy is it a hearty maggot. How many people out there are going to take the bait that The Fratellis have to offer? It's not just the drunken sing a long though? This is a really good, up beat track that can't fail in putting a smile on your face (and you thought that there was no such thing as can't), The Fratellis have just proved that theory wrong. So all that can be said to conclude with is.. der der der la der der der la

Mark Moore

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