Review of All The People Album by The Fantastics

The Fantastics release 'All The People' on Freestyle Records. This album features upcoming vocalist Sulene Fleming who certainly delivers great vocals on this album. The mix of sounds encompasses soul, blues, funk rock, afrobeat, latin jazz fusion and snippets of ska. There's no doubt when listening to 'All The People' that The Fantastics are a very cool band indeed!

The Fantastics All The People Album

I really liked this album! I wasn't blown away at first but after further listens, due to the great musicianship and passion for the influences, you can really tell that The Fantastics are adding to the origination of their musical sources and putting a slice of 'Fantastic' in there too! There's no doubt Sulene Fleming is a real talent who sounds amazing on her featured tracks. The instrumentals outweigh the vocals songs on the album but shouldn't put the listener off, as each track has its own style and personality.

What's really cool about 'All The People' is that as an album, it flows from track to track. With all their different influences, the tracks piece together to reveal an album that is credible in its entirety. The familiarity of sounds possibly fooled me at first listen into thinking there wasn't as much to this album but as I later discovered, The Fantastics are adding to these genres and are indeed a talented bunch. What's cool that even as a fan of funk, soul, afrobeat, etc, I did get a new experience from 'All The People' so the band definitely deserve props! Cool stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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