Review of Danger Is EP by The Ettes

Review of The Ettes EP Danger Is

The Ettes Danger Is EP

On the evidence of Danger Is opening track, the pulsing soul-punk No Home, you'd probably be surprised to learn that LA-based trio The Ettes pre-date The Gossip's Standing In The Way Of Control, having formed initially in 2004. With singer Coco lacking Beth Ditto's super heavyweight pipes however it inevitably falls short of alt-divadom, whilst the following Lo and Behold is a similarly underwhelming sub-Kills workout.

But patience. Just as "eject" beckons, Subject reveals The Ettes as pure Blondie acolytes in possession of a freewheeling garage twist. With interest rekindled, closing live tracks The Rules and I Heard Tell respectively channel the twisted sixties pop menace of The Count Five's Psychotic Reaction and the proto-punk fever of the MC5's classic Kick Out The Jams.

All in all, it's trashy, disposable fun which your neighbours won't like. Although you do have to question the punk rock credentials of a record that comes with a sticker with "Contains iPod Ready Videos" on the front.

Andy Peterson

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