Review of It's Not OK Single by The Enemy

The Enemy
It's Not Ok
Single Review

The Enemy It's Not OK Single

Someone once said "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer", well that will be the case once you have heard 'It's Not OK' which is to come from The Enemy. Fans will be keeping their copies of this close to their chest. With tracks like this I am sure that you will be wanting to see these live.

The Enemy have gone back to basics, stolen the DeLorean, gone back in time and taken pieces of work from the likes of The Sex Pistols to The Who then added a unhealthy dose of Coventry fed through an intravenous drip and this is what has made the sound of The Enemy.

These guys will put their instruments through their paces and at times you feel that the instruments are at the edge that is pure rock. Tom Clarke gives an effortless vocal display that will have you either left in respect for the man or like me just jealous of the talented young bloke.

Mark Moore

Watch the video for 'It's Not OK' here

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