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Adam Levine Meets Toddler Who Cried Over His Marriage

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Adam Levine Maroon 5

The girl, named only as Mila, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her mother Emily on Friday (16Oct15) to chat about the viral video, which showed the three-year-old's reaction when she found out her 'boyfriend' Adam had wed.

Mila was still adamant that the singer was her boyfriend and that she loved him, and was given an 'I Love Adam Levine' outfit by Ellen.

Adam then appeared to screams from the audience, and gave Mila a hug and a single-stemmed rose. However, the overwhelmed toddler reached for her mother, and spent the rest of the interview shying away from the singer.

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Patrick Harris Takes Plunge For Charity

Neil Patrick Harris The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Actor Neil Patrick Harris made a splash during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show - after his longtime manager's struggle with cancer inspired him to raise charity cash on the show.

The actor became the latest star to get dropped in the comedienne's 'dunk pool'.

Microsoft Windows Mobile bosses are donating $10,000 (GBP6,250) to DeGeneres' Ellen For The Cure cancer drive for every celebrity dunked during October (08), America's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

He says, "(My manager) found me in a tiny town in New Mexico. She called me - she was then an agent - and she asked me if I wanted to come to L.A. and try my luck in this business. We've been together 22 years.

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Crow Stuns As Dunk Tank Victim

Sheryl Crow The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rocker Sheryl Crow showed off a stunning new look on U.S. TV on Friday (10Oct08) when she stripped off to raise charity cash on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The singer became the latest star to get dropped in the comedienne's 'dunk pool' - and she came prepared.

Wearing a form-fitting red one-piece bathing suit, matching swimming cap, high heels and nose band, Crow took her seat in the tank as the show host fired balls at a lever.

It took DeGeneres seven attempts to hit the target and drop a shocked Crow into the water.

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U.s. President In Ellen Phone Prank

Bush The Ellen DeGeneres Show

U.S. president GEORGE W. Bush was the victim of a phone prank after his daughter JENNA called him up during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
The TV host was interviewing the First Daughter during a pre-recorded session on Tuesday (04Dec07), and when the 26-year-old told her she could contact her powerful father at any time, DeGeneres encouraged her to do it on air.
The call was put through and the President was surprised when his daughter revealed he was being taped for the show, saying, "Wow! That's great! How's my little girl doing?"
Despite Bush's insistence that her dad was "going to kill" her, when asked if he was angry about the prank the Chief Executive said, "No, not at all. I'm excited to talk to you. I'm glad to talk to Ellen."

Brooks Supports Writers, Cancels Tv Appearances

Garth Brooks The View The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Country superstar Garth Brooks has cancelled appearances on U.S. TV programmes The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show in support of the Hollywood writers' strike.
Brooks was also hoping to promote his new release, The Ultimate Hits, on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, but that programme is currently airing repeats as a result of the strike.
And, although morning programmes The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show are still on air, Brooks has decided to stay away to show his solidarity with the striking writers.

Anatomy, Lost, Earl And Office Lead Pga Nominations

Lost The Office The Sopranos Arrested Development American Idol Dancing With The Stars The Ellen DeGeneres Show

GREY'S ANATOMY, Lost, MY NAME IS EARL and the US version of The Office lead the nominations for the Producers Guild of America Awards in the television categories announced yesterday (04DEC06).
Grey's Anatomy and Lost face competition from HOUSE, The Sopranos and 24 in the Drama category, while My Name Is Earl and The Office will battle it out with CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, Arrested Development and WEEDS in the Comedy category at the awards gala in Los Angeles on 20 January (07).
The nominees in the non-fiction category are THE AMAZING RACE, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, PROJECT RUNWAY and 60 MINUTES.
The nominations for theatrical motion picture categories will be announced on 4 January (07).

Cumming Stunned By Degeneres Censorship

Alan Cumming The Ellen DeGeneres Show Martha Stewart

Alan Cumming was stunned when US TV network Warner Bros refused to allow the actor promote his new fragrance Cumming on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
The Scots actor launched the cologne earlier this year (06) and appeared on a string of chat shows to promote the scent.
Bisexual Cumming admits he was shocked when DeGeneres' executives told him he couldn't discuss the fragrance on air, because of the sexual meaning of the X2 star's surname.
He tells gay magazine Attitude, "The reason I wanted to do it was because of how conservative America is. So it's great when TV shows say, 'I'm sorry, but we can't discuss this,' and I'm like, 'Why not? It's my name!'
"And they then have to make a decision that they're not allowed to say that word or they can't show a picture of me.
"I was going to go on Ellen DeGeneres show and they wouldn't let me go on and talk about it. Shocking, as I had been on all the mainstream ones - even Martha Stewart. And so Ellen's people explained it was the network, blah blah blah, but other shows let me.
"Now I've got other products like a soap called Cumming In A Bar and a body lotion of Cumming All Over. I just love the fact that they challenge people."

Timberlake: 'Marriage Ruins Sex Life'

Justin Timberlake Cameron Diaz The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Cameron Diaz are putting off marriage to prolong their sex life.
Timberlake and his CHARLIE'S ANGELS girlfriend have long been rumoured to be engaged, but the singer believes wedding will mean the end of the couple's bedroom activities.
The former N' SYNC member says, "That's the thing about marriage.
"We like having sex. Why would we want to ruin a good thing?"
Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month (SEP06), Timberlake denied an engagement before joking, "(Cameron) hasn't given me a ring. I've waited for her to get down on one knee and ask."

Lilly: 'I Almost Died This Year'

Evangeline Lilly Lost The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Evangeline Lilly "almost died' in a mountaineering accident earlier this year (06), when she slid over a crevice.
The Lost actress was climbing the 12,000 foot (3,657 metre) tall Mount Baker in her native Canada with her father when, on the descent, she decided to slide down on her bottom.
Speaking on US TV programme The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lilly says, "I had a really scary incident on the mountain which I haven't told the people I love. I almost died on that hike.
"I got to the top and I really didn't enjoy the ascent. I actually slid down on my bum most of the way, screaming and hollering. When I was sliding on my butt going down Mount Baker, an active volcano, I slid over a crevice.
"My legs went down into the crevice, my upper body flew over a snowbridge that just happened to be there. I was dangling.
"I almost died."

Applegate's 'Horribly Embarrassing' Dress Clash

Christina Applegate Rachel Griffiths Anchorman Six Feet Under The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Christina Applegate was left devastated at a recent celebrity dinner, when she arrived wearing the same dress as fellow actress Rachel Griffiths.
Anchorman star Applegate claims the event was her "worst nightmare" as both she and Six Feet Under star Griffiths realised they were dressed the same.
Speaking on US TV show The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday (02OCT06), Applegate said, "I recently went to this very important evening of women in Hollywood. I showed up and someone else was wearing the same dress as me. Which is your worst nightmare.
"It was a beautiful dress and it looked just as good on Rachel Griffiths as it did on me.
"Rachel came over, and we're laughing about it. We're laughing and inside we're sobbing. Just a horribly embarrassing thing, because we're sitting five feet away from each other during the dinner.
"And then she got up onstage to present. It was so embarrassing."

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