Review of Sleeping With The Enemy Single by The Electric City

The Electric City
Sleeping With The Enemy
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The Electric City Sleeping With The Enemy Single

With the state of today it seems that now nearly anybody can release a Single, especially with the way that technology has evolved. Download Singles seem to be as popular as your bog standard CD or vinyl. Bands and artists around are taking advantage of download only Singles and not forgetting myspace. Look at The Electric City with 88,000 myspace hits in six months. Lets not get into the myspace debate.

This South London based quartet are set to release their debut Single Sleeping With The Enemy with Distorted Punk. Forget these bands that tweak every little sound and in reality are just manufactured, The Electric City are fully charged with raw sounds that bands should be dishing out. It is always nice to see a band just pick up their instruments and play instead of can we tweak this of do this to that. These guys have produced a monster that you would like to think would show people that it is time to start again and play honest window shattering music, but the way The Electric City do it is with style and manager to do it wit a lead singer that can actually sing rather than screaming down a microphone.

The only sad thing about this story is that you do worry that with this Single being left in the realms of the digital playground they won't get the exposure that they could well deserve. Or can they break through the barrier? That my friends is down to you.

Mark Moore

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