Review of Follow The Road Album by The Dunwells

Formed in 2009, Leeds outfit The Dunwells derived their collective moniker from sibling members David and Joseph Dunwell.  This is their second record having released their debut last year and the quintet is currently touring the UK before heading to North America for another run of shows.

The Dunwells Follow The Road Album

Whilst the mainstream popularity of guitar music may have declined in recent years, one sub-genre which continues to go from strength-to-strength is folk-influenced rock.  This album's release is well-timed as it dissects the space between Kings Of Leon and Mumford & Sons, incorporating some great harmonies into rock anthems and subtler moments.  'Hand That Feeds' is a stirring number with a touch of funk to it, while 'So Beautiful' sublimely moves from an almost nervous vocal delivery into a warming declaration of love in a festival chorus.   

Taking an acoustic approach also sees The Dunwells hit the mark more often than not.  A beautiful melody is the foundation for 'Goodnight My City' to make you contentedly swoon and 'Blind Sighted Faith' is a very enjoyable listen that it is easy to get lost in.  Not every track is a resounding success; indeed 'Oh Lord' and 'Only Me' wouldn't be missed, whilst 'I Could Be A King' is a by-numbers album filler.  This shouldn't discourage though, as there is enough here that is certainly deserving of attention and marks the band as being worth keeping an ear out for.

Alex Lai 

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