The Donkey's; where to begin? Self deprecation is a strange quality, if you can call it a quality. Using humour to deflect or dissipate possible tension, mockery or confrontation could be seen as a noble act of unselfish behaviour. It can also be seen as a ploy to counteract possible criticism by being the first to mention any likely area that may give rise to pointed comedy. By immediately exposing a presupposed impression any antagonistic, hurtful or misconceived considerations from third parties cease to have resonance or effect. So whilst you may have got some mileage out of Michael Jackson calling his album 'Bad' (Were you a 'Mail' journalist with no conception of what was "happnin' in the hood" or what was "down with the kids") if you had neither heard it or understood it, you cannot really start on The Donkey's unless you want to horse around and make an ass of yourself. (Or is the more likely scenario here that they are a bunch of chilled out stoners from Cali who have never come across such terms as 'you bunch of donkeys'?) Either way it makes no odds as The Donkeys make some great music that requires no witty quips but is still full of its own blend of charming humour.

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