Review of Uneasy Lies The Crown Album by The Domino State

The Domino State's debut album 'Uneasy Lies Crown' is released this month and kicks off with the track 'We Must Not Shut Ourselves Away' an ideal example that shows exactly what this band is about. The Domino State have this knack of getting you instantly taken in by their music, the opening guitar riffs sound so familiar and while you maybe intrigued, it is too late you are mesmerised with the music.

The Domino State Uneasy Lies The Crown Album

Tapes went out of fashion with Red Dwarf, it is now the age CDs and MP3 downloads and it's all too easy to skip tracks you think you may not like. Luckily for those who listen to 'Uneasy Lies Crown' this isn't going to be a problem as there isn't one track you'll wish to bypass. Matt Forder's vocals are heart piercing and flow straight through your veins making every hair on your body stand on end. You can sense the emotion in every song from both the frontman and band who seem to put one hundred and ten percent into each song.

One of the highlights on the album, well bigger highlights has got to be 'What's The Question' you find yourself uncontrollably bellowing with Matt on the chorus, it's like an involuntary spasm but in a rather good way. If a criticism was to be made of this album it would be that the guitars should be a little higher in the mix. As it is, they really don't make the windows vibrate quite as much as they should from such a fierce sound.

Each song is of a high standard but if you really are after a hair raising high point, the lyrics and instrumentation on 'Firefly' are sure to give you butterflies in your stomach and a chill of excitement down the spine.

The album finishes off just how it started full of energy, grit, sweat, determination and emotion. Domino State are one of the most exciting bands to come out of London in 2010 and their debut album is worth the purchase.


Mark Moore

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