Review of Firefly Single by The Domino State

Review of The Domino State's single Firefly released through Popfiction.

The Domino State Firefly Single

Having been climbing up the radar for the past eighteen months, there was always going to be a point where The Domino State couldn't get any higher; the reason being that they'd pretty much conquered the summit.

Well, 'Firefly' seems to be that moment. Like some redolent catalyst of blood, sweat and tears, this just-under-four-minutes epic is a sure-fire radio-friendly heartbreaker of gargantuan proportions. Whereas their previous singles 'Iron Mask' and 'What's The Question?' hinted at an undisputed purge of grandiose ideas and ambitious lineage, 'Firefly' delivers on every front, bridging the chasm between atmospheric shoegaze tinged rock and stadium balladry's winsome divide.

On first listen this feels like the same hair raising instant you first heard Snow Patrol's 'Run', and almost certainly felt assured their promotion to rock's big league was assured. With Matt Forder's smoothly delivered vocal complimenting an austere mix of swooning strings and elegiac guitar sounds, it really is difficult to pinpoint any weak links here, except at precisely three minutes and forty-three seconds when 'Firefly' finally embers out to a poignant standstill.

Perfection in every sense of the word, The Domino State have redefined the word bliss via the aural trajectory of music.time to clear out another space in that big league me thinks as their arrival surely beckons.

Dom Gourlay

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