The Darkness' frontman Justin Hawkins has found a SHARON to his Ozzy OSBOURNE - he's secretly engaged to his band's manager.

The tattooed rocker is madly in love with mum-of-one SUE WHITEHOUSE, 36, who's helped his group to their current massive success, and is the inspiration behind hits like I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE.

But Justin admits he has tried to keep the romance quiet, because he feared people would think it unprofessional.

He says, "We are common-law man and wife and have been going out for about two years. We wondered if people would approve of us going out, because she's been managing me and my brother DAN for seven years, so we kept it secret.

"It was like we were having an illicit affair but it was just two people getting together. We fell in love - she is the best manager in the business.

"People are cynical about that - she was professionally in place first. Sue is a lynchpin.

"She went to a management seminar and the first thing they said was, 'You can't have a relationship with a member of the band, that's the golden rule.' It's going to be difficult but we're getting through it. Our relationship is strong.

"We are engaged - I bought her a lovely ring when it was a secret - it was a romantic gesture, every penny I had went on it.

"At that time we were just going to go off and get married and then tell everyone we were together. That would have been superb, but then everyone found out about it. I wish we had! We just want to do it when people don't expect it."

26/09/2003 13:32