The Darkness – Carling Homecoming - London Astoria
The Darkness – London Astoria - Carling Homecoming Live Review

The Darkness

London Astoria

Live Review

The night was part of the Carling home coming tour where bands that have made it big (and how can you get bigger than those spandex suits Justin wears) play in the venue where it went ballistic - in this case the London Astoria. The Darkness have become so big now even the PM Tony Blair admits to listening to them – now that’s a horrible thought!

The Darkness have achieved a big reputation for their live act, so I was looking forward to see if they could live up to it. The crowd were already whipped up into excitement before they came on, and the free Carling from the bar I guess helped. Justin Hawkin and the rest of the band appeared and launched into their fist song Black Shuck. Justin dressed in black PVC trousers just strutted his stuff along the stage, and looking around it looked like the whole crowd was grinning. The audience participation rivals that of “The Rocky Horror Show”. Justin’s orchestrating the audience but, they all seemed to know when to sing, when to show their thumbs and when to clap.

The Darkness – London Astoria - Live Review
The Darkness – London Astoria - Live Review

They played most of the hits from the album including songs such as Growing On Me, I Believe in a thing called love. A personal favourite was Get your hands-off my woman, after a bit of banter with the crowd for which version they should play (the show was also being recorded for Channel 4), they played obviously to everyone’s pleasure the uncensored version.

The presentation was flawless whether it be Justin’s super quick costume changes, his high kick shenanigans, the banter or the carry through the crowd on a bouncers shoulders (whilst screeching out a guitar solo), we all just lapped it up like children at Christmas receiving presents. The band’s persona revels in the parody and its source can only be Spinal Tap. This is real life imitating art! Don’t let that detract you from the fact that musically they are very talented. It is the embarrassed genius hiding behind his jokes.

The disappointment of the evening was the “Christmas Single”, maybe because I have never heard it before, my impression was lots of children singing out of tune. Just lets hope I'm wrong and that it’s a real grower and becomes a great Christmas song that can rid the world of Sir Cliff’s attempt this year.

Justin’s falsetto voice was incredible to hear live, combine that with guitar solos, great stage theatrics and some attitude, and I am pleased to say that cheesy rock has never been so cool…