When Noel Gallagher describes your band as 'f***in' mega' it would obviously be taken as a tremendous compliment. But, then again, it also brings pressure to focus the mind knowing a bigger audience will be watching you. So you had better deliver.

The Cubical - Arise Conglomerate Album Review

This is the predicament that Liverpool band The Cubical finds themselves in with their third album, 'Arise Conglomerate'.

The band is led by impressionable vocalist Dan Wilson, who has a voice beyond his years and who, if you didn't see on the album cover, would make you think his voice belonged to someone from an old 50s blues number. 'On the weekend' is the first single taken from 'Arise Conglomerate' and the first track on the album, and it kicks things off in an upbeat fashion with Wilson's voice always being the force that drives the band forward.

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