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The Crimea
Secrets of The Witching Hour
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The Crimea Secrets of The Witching Hour Album

There are ideas that are interesting, and ideas that aren't. But releasing albums that you don't charge for is an idea that very few have had the desire to follow through. The Crimea's debut, Tragedy Rocks, was an astonishing album from this British band, which even saw single Lottery Winners On Acid break into the charts.

However, they were dropped by Warners despite that successful start, and instead of re-entering the major label cycle, they have decided to release their self-produced album for free via their website, intending to make their living by touring and selling merchandise. A brave attempt, but is the album any good. Well, it is, if it's not quite the classic that their debut still is. The recipe's the same: upbeat, melodic, almost-anthemic and catchy choruses aplenty, with a wry wit to the lyrics. However, one gets the sense that using the same recipe over again has removed some of the freshness that made the debut so compelling.

Secrets of The Witching Hour is a very good album, although it may not generate the rabid, passionate support that the business strategy requires (unless the students start listening to the left-field lyrics closely). See for yourself- it's free from


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