Review of The 48A Waiting Steps Single by The Crimea

Read our single review of The 48A Waiting Steps by The Crimea.

The Crimea The 48A Waiting Steps Single

London five piece The Crimea will probably be best remembered in the distant future as the band who gave away their second album Secrets of the Witching Hour free to downloaders six months before those Radio blokes from Oxford thought of the idea, but let's not get involved in the free music debate right now.

The 48A Waiting Steps is the belated first release from Witching Hour and whilst it lacks the Kooks-like immediacy of earlier singles like White Russian Galaxy, despite a sombre opening singer Davey's rasp and a whimsical organ hook bring to mind The National in a more relaxed state of mind. It's only a little kiss, but it's a sweet one.


Andy Peterson

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