Review of Take Me There Single by The Checks

The Checks
Take Me There
Single Review

The Checks Take Me There Single

Already they have had support slots with R.E.M. and British rock gods Oasis, pretty impressive for a band that only formed in 2002.

Echoing the merciless, heavy-impact rock of the Hives and fellow New Zealand band The Datsuns, The Checks launch a vivacious lunge for eternal glory with their latest, inspirational offering. Trading in an inexperienced fixation for a place among rock giants; this song is sure to help them on the way to divine greatness.

Blistering and soaring guitar riffs, sweeping choruses, epic experimentation and a touch of musical genius, are the components of "Take Me There"; a sustained, momentous and spirited track.

The Checks, find themselves, at this early stage of their career, poignantly perched somewhere between epic magnitude and musical credibility; a huge band for the future.


Daniel Black

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