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The Candle Thieves, Happiness Blues EP Review

The Candle Thieves are a duo from Peterborough are the epitome of geek-chic. Skinny jeans and thick rimmed glasses may emphasise this image but it is their music that is a voyage into eternal bliss and a disregard for any melodramatics. After releasing their debut album Sunshine and Other Misfortunes earlier this year, their recent EP Happiness Blues follows a similar trend of contrasting the uplifting with the melancholic. However, whichever way one may see it, this is definitely an EP to listen to when you are down in the blues; reaching out a message of hope, promise and possibility.

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The Candle Thieves, Sunshine And Other Misfortunes Album Review

Peugeot driving Peterborough pair with a love of bubble machines, party poppers, sweets and toy pianos, as well as a peculiar fondness of garden gigs and live living room sets, sing with a sunny disposition about "acute anxiety and nightmares." After pilfering wax whilst playing at wedding venues and going all punk as support to Muse and Linkin Park at the Giants Stadium in New York, Scott and The Glock (A musical equivalent to the Stig, a mysterious multi-instrumentalist who plays the glockenspiel) rekindled their school boy friendship to form The Candle Thieves. The bespectacled pair with "not that much wrong with their eyesight" , and a penchant for line dancing, have a remit to bring a little sparkle and fun back into live performances to enhance the enjoyment of their audience.

The energy and warmth of the Cambridgeshire duo shines through on their debut album 'Sunshine And Other Misfortunes'. Taking some cues from Mark Everett of Eels notoriety The Candle Thieves manage to explore some difficult or dark themes by wrapping them up in perky pop. The first two tracks on the album 'We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun) and 'The Sunshine Song' deal with death in an unflinching and upfront manner. The off kilter attitude and skippingly upbeat tunes can't fail to bring wry smile to your face....

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The Candle Thieves - We're All Going To Die (Have Fun)

March 22nd saw the release of We're All Going To Die (Have Fun), the debut single from Big Life Recording signings The Candle Thieves. Although the band hail from Peterborough they have recently been picked up by US label Downtown Records who are the home to Gnarls Barkley, Justice and Miike Snow.

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