Although the title of The Cab's new single and EP is Lock Me Up, it feels like the Las Vegas-based pop trio is finally breaking free.Since the release of their 2011 sophomore record, Symphony Soldier, The Cab scored a Top 40 single and toured the world with the likes of Maroon 5 and Avril Lavigne, but most importantly found a home to call their own at Republic Records -- their first label since leaving Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance three years ago.

The CabThe Cab, Hanging Out

Once The Cab signed with Republic in 2012, the band spent day in and day out in the studio for what would be their major label debut. The wait for new music may have taken longer than anticipated, but it didn't hinder the excitement within their fanbase one bit -- and The Cab Day proves that.

Originating in 2011, The Cab Day was created by fans to celebrate the band and anniversary of their first album, Whisper War (April 29, 2008). At the same time, The Cab was at a stalemate with their label regarding new music. If anything, the main idea behind the day was to raise awareness for the music that fans adored so much -- that the band still deserved a chance at the popularity that always seemed to be within their grasp but never in their hands. As years went on, and as The Cab grew stronger, The Cab Day's meaning started to serve a much bigger purpose.

This year, The Cab Day wasn't a call to action, or a day to remember the past. It was to look forward to the future and look at what's in the present, and that’s why the band’s first major label material was released on The Cab Day, April 29. The day’s purpose now was to blow the lid off pop’s best kept secret.

The CabThe Cab Have Released 'Lock Me Up'

“The Cab Day has been slowly growing every year we’ve done it,” said Helen Showalter, one of the founders of the social media campaign. “At first it was a small group of fans tweeting about how desperately we wanted new Cab music. Then it turned into a worldwide trending topic. We had to fight for their second album to be released, so it really feels like it’s coming full circle now that Lock Me Up was released on The Cab Day.”

Lock Me Up is a five song EP previewing The Cab's upcoming full-length, which is set for release this summer. Backed by the title track and first single, as well as R&B-tinged 'These Are The Lies' and 'Numbers,' Lock Me Up makes for some of the best pop songs you'll hear all year.

Listen to the music video for The Cab's song, 'Bad':

The EP came at the right time, too, as it was recently announced that Alex Marshall, The Cab’s keyboardist, would be leaving the band to pursue other endeavors. While Marshall is credited as a writer for 'These Are The Lies,' the EP should provide solace in those who think The Cab is no longer the same band. The EP is everything that The Cab excels at -- silky vocals, addicting hooks, and tight production, but now turned up a notch.

'Lock Me Up' is issued to Top 40 radio on June 3, so whether this is the band's leap into the spotlight remains to be seen. However, with the way their full-length is looking, coupled with a fanbase that refuses to quit, you'd be hard pressed to find a station that won't be blaring The Cab's latest single by the end of 2014.

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