Introducing The Briefs
This Age
This Age

November 2002

Crystal Songs

The Briefs are:

Daniel J Travanti - Guitar & Vocals, Lance Romance - Bass, Vocals, Steve E. Nix - Guitar Vocals, Chris Brief - Drums Vocals

The Briefs are a new-wave punk band from Seattle. It's worth mentioning here that when we say punk, we don't mean Sum 41 we mean The Buzzcocks, The Damned and The Ramones. The Briefs take their inspiration from the kind of visceral 3 minute soaked-in-flob-and-peroxide punk pop gems that turned the music industry on it's head 25 years ago. Crucially, this isn't a retro band. They've taken the template and made it sound as vital and exuberant as it did during punk's first wave.

The Briefs may not sound like it but they come from America, They have already released one full length L.P./C.D. Hit After Hit (Dirtnap Records), two sold out 7-inches Poor and Weird and I Think My Baby Is A Communist but "This Age" will be their first UK release, through Crystal Songs.

In America The Briefs have been discredited and dismissed by indie and alt. rock critics yet with the fans and people who go and watch them live made a huge rebellious impact. The band will also bring their infamous live show to these shores throughout October with a tour of Europe to follow throughout November.

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