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I hate how this happens, she gets misquoted by one journalist, it gets retracted but nobody notices the retraction, and the rest of you follow without double checking facts. Hopefully this comment will cause you to double check your facts and post a retraction. If you need assistance in double checking your facts, contact me by email and I can put you in contact with her literary agent.Meg has written 2 books. The first, Singing Songs, was autobiographical, though she did not initially admit that. It took her some time to learn to write a fiction story. Gemma is that story. The events in Gemma did not happen to anyone in Meg's immediate family. The events in Singing Songs by and large did.For a random example, to the best of my knowledge nobody ever got put into the trunk of a car by a kidnapper. However my father (Meg's stepfather) did believe he was Jesus Christ.

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