The Bellrays - Interview

The Bellrays - Interview The Bellrays - Interview

Contact Music gets under the skin of the fastest growing soul band around, in an interview with The Bellrays’ guitarist Tony Fate.

First things first – name that pivotal moment that set the band on the road to stardom; an album that really blew this guitarist away; a musician that had him playing air-soloing in his bedroom – what stirred guitarist Tony Fate to make music the most?
“ Well it wasn’t one album or anything like that – it was more a case of one day. I just decided to play guitar, and to write songs, and it all came from there.”

Okay, so it’s not the most inspirational of explanations, but considering their madhouse rock style, you can almost imagine a guitar simply dropping from the heavens and into his arms. Obviously he wouldn’t have needed to practise – the talent was just there, waiting since the onset of adolescence like an ethereal power in some cheap fighting fantasy book – ‘Fate’, almost. Unfortunately, on the other hand the members of the Bellrays were not drawn to each other in such a spiritual manner: “We were actually all in rival bands before we got together,” he muses. Battling his former rivals for the best gigging spots, “We did them all – weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs. You get really good at playing a set of songs.”

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