Porn stars The Barbi Twins are suing Hustler boss Larry Flynt for $10 million (GBP6.25 million) after claiming he had no right to use raunchy photos of them in his January (04) magazine.

In the spread, the siblings, SHANE and Sia, are captured by the former's actor husband KEN WAHL in a series of black and white sado-masochistic poses.

The sisters, whose fans include British royals Prince William and Prince HARRY, claim the pictures are private and Hustler had no rights to print them.

In their suit, the Barbi Twins state, "The dissemination of sexually graphic photographs depicting the Barbi Twins engaged in erotic acts will damage their image and reputation and adversely impact their business ventures."

They claim they're no longer interested in a porn career, and now insist they're keen to promote themselves as nutrition experts after conquering bulimia.

But Flynt insists the girls' suit is little more than a publicity stunt.

He says, "They signed a release for the photographs. They don't have any case at all."

19/11/2003 02:32