The Bandits - interview

The Bandits interview: Contact music spoke to The Bandits How's it going?
I'm alright I've just woken up off the bus but I'm sound, all I have to do today is sit around and wait to sound check … like we always do, it's been quite tough at the moment being the support band because you don't get the same rights as everyone else but it's ok.

Are you enjoying the tour?
Yeah yeah the crowds have been good, Glasgow was brilliant their was a couple of people who bought 50 tickets outside the venue just to see us, they were saying that they had only come to see us so the was great, unbelievable! Their isn't much of a life style to it, there is a lot of driving around in vans and turning up at bad hours and things but it is going really well.

How did the band come about?
It was about 2 years ago now, me Gary, Scott and Tony were playing together and started playing songs together we got most of the songs together a few mouths ago Richie the guitarist& Swee the drummer joined and we since then it has just been all systems go, we went into record with John Leckie and then we got signed, Over the last 6 months or so we haven't had a moment to spare but it's good that is why we are doing it, we are embracing it with open arms.

For people who haven't Heard The Bandits music how would you describe your sound?
Rock a Billy, I dunno really rock & roll with reggae, funk, blue grass you know roots music really but with rock, we just try and taken influences from all over the place and we don't stick to one sound or one genre we try and include as many as possible into one song. It's such a hard question to answer because the way I see my music is as my music and what is natural to us, it's just what comes out when we play our instruments and we stick with what sounds good to us and fortunately it sounds good to other people!

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