Punk rock band The Ataris has managed to keep a fairly low profile since their hit cover of 'Boys of Summer' in 2005. However, in what has been described as a 'meltdown' The Ataris lead singer has attacked their drummer on stage. The band were playing at Asbury Park, New Jersey on Sunday (7th Oct 2012), where the incident took place.

During the set Kris Roe took off his guitar and flung it at the drummer, before proceeding to dismantle the drum kit and throw it at the drummer. After the percussionist finally got the picture, he stopped trying to drum and exited the stage, PunkNews.com reports that Roe said:"Our drummer's...failing it tonight, I don't know what the ... problem is but I'm gonna finish the set by myself.” He then referred to the whole thing as “embarrassing."

In a statement issued after the concert, Roe said that the drummer had been drinking for hours before the show and was playing absolutely terribly through the entire set. Although Roe would liked to have dealt with the situation better, he cited "rock 'n roll" as a valid reason for his OTT outburst. Roe seems to have forgotten that it's no longer okay to bite the heads off bats, nor attack one of your own band members on stage in front of an impressionable audience.

PunkNews has been told that the drummer would be leaving the band, however in contrast, Tom Holst, another band member, Tweeted words of support for the band and fans, saying “Everything will be alright.”