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Visions 2015 Is Looking Yet More Colourful With New Additions

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More acts have been announced for the ever growing line-up of London's Visions Festival, set to take place in August. With acts like Camera Obscura and The Antlers, this year is sure shaping up to be one of the best for Visions yet.

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Now in its third year, Visions Festival brings a host of stellar new additions to their 2015 line-up, joining the likes of already announced The Antlers, Toy, Son Lux and Andy Stott. Plus, the day will be bigger than before with yet more venues added across London to celebrate what will hopefully be another sell-out success.

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The Antlers, Undersea EP Review

It's difficult to imagine what's going through Peter Silberman's seemingly troubled mind at the best of times, so there's little point in a half-arsed analysis from someone not schooled in such matters. Picking up the story in 2009 because that's where the vast majority will have first discovered The Antlers, third record 'Hospice' essentially telling the story of a doomed relationship via metaphorical references to terminal illness and last year's successor 'Burst Apart' conveying a similar message through observational pieces like 'I Don't Want Love', 'Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out' and 'Putting The Dog To Sleep', albeit from a slightly different angle musically. Where some of their peers blatantly fake and dramatise their way through paeans supposedly dedicated to their own inadequacies, The Antlers can never be accused of such heinous acts.

Aside from the bleak narrative and emotional attachment richly conveyed through Silberman's distinctive falsetto, what really sets The Antlers apart from those aforementioned contemporaries is an undeterred willingness to branch out into previously unexplored musical territories at the drop of a hat. All the way through from their earliest musings - the first three records essentially a solo vehicle for Silberman - up to 'Burst Apart' they've dabbled with new arrangements and sounds. Keyboard wizard Darby Cicci recently revealed that the band wouldn't be the same without his oscillator, explaining in full technical detail how many of their compositions are developed using this piece of apparatus.

So, having spent almost an entire twelve months on the road promoting 'Burst Apart', its should come as little surprise to anyone that the four tracks they have laid down during the interim "between records" period sound like nothing else The Antlers have previously recorded. Stretching just over twenty-two-and-a-half minutes, the 'Undersea' EP is essentially one side of an album in length, and judging by the epic nature of its densely crafted soundscapes, it may even offer a sneak preview as to where The Antlers are heading next.

Opener 'Drift Dive' should be familiar, having graced their set throughout this summer's many festival appearances. Whilst not altogether dissimilar to 'Parentheses' or 'Putting The Dog To Sleep' in structure, it still serves as a breathless introduction to the next phase of the band's exquisite ascent. Dripping with reverb and delay to create an atmospheric montage not a million miles away from early nineties underdogs Bark Psychosis or Disco Inferno, 'Drift Dive' is the sound of its creators floating in tranquil rather than troubled waters.

The eight-and-a-half minute colossus 'Endless Ladder' arguably represents their most ambitious statement of intent to date. Sprawling yet opulently mellow, it veers between the dark cauldron of 'Turn On The Bright Lights' Interpol and melodramatic post rock a la Godspeed! et al. Enriched by Silberman's desolate cries, its up there with 'Two' and 'Putting The Dog To Sleep' among The Antlers finest compositions to date.

After such lofty heights, both 'Crest' and 'Zelda' can only convey an "after the Lord Mayor's show" air about them, yet such is their masterful beauty, they're still head and shoulders above what The Antlers competition has to offer.

Of course when album number five does eventually land, Silberman, Cicci and fellow Antler Michael Lerner could be on an entirely different plane altogether. Nevertheless, if 'Undersea' is meant to be little more than a stop-gap bearing little resemblance to the band's next chapter, it's an incredible collection of songs its creators have every right to be justifiably proud of.


Dom Gourlay

Picture - The Antlers' Peter Silberman and... New York City, USA, Wednesday 4th January 2012

The Antlers - The Antlers' Peter Silberman and Darby Cicci New York City, USA - The Public Theater presents the Opening Night celebration for 'Under the Radar 2012', held at The Public Theater. Wednesday 4th January 2012

The Antlers, Interview

Interview with The Antlers

As if the Brooklyn suburb of New York hasn't been responsible for bestowing enough great music on the world these past few years. The latest off the production line - if that's the right term to use - are The Antlers. Although not strictly a new band; singer, guitarist and main songwriter initially started the band off as a solo project some five years ago, releasing two albums to minimal critical acclaim. Having recruited drummer Michael Lerner and keyboard player Darby Cicci in the interim period, it was 2009's 'Hospice' that brought them to the attention of a wider audience, culminating in this year's 'Burst Apart', arguably their most consistent long player to date and a surefire candidate for Album of 2011 when those "Best Of" lists are compiled shortly.

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The Antlers, Interview

Interview with The Antlers

For those of you familiar with The Antlers you will no doubt also be familiar with the story of "Hospice", the 2009 full-length which thrust the New York trio into a considerable degree of critical admiration and cult adulation, and its use of the metaphor of a hospice worker and a cancer-stricken patient to illustrate the breakdown of a deeply personal relationship. It's highly likely you'll want to read on from this story, and discover what direction the three-piece has taken since then, on the dawn of the release of its follow up Burst Apart. To find out, sat down with multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci.

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The Antlers, Heaven, London, 12th May 2011 Live Review

Breaking up the structure of "Hospice", the (very) highly acclaimed full-length that brought Brooklyn, New York's 'The Antlers' a perhaps unexpected wave of adoration, must be as hard as the break-up that inspired it. Their show at London's Heaven venue is the first to incorporate tracks from both "Hospice" and the yet to be released "Burst Apart", and only the third time that any tracks from the long-awaited follow up to their breakthrough album have been given an airing. So you could forgive the band a certain amount of nerves in the face of a sold-out audience who know every word, in order, to the highly emotional concept album that even the band refer to as their debút.

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