Actress Thandie Newton offered up her filthy thoughts to one-time co-star Tupac Shakur when she asked about the penis tattooed on the rapper's arm. The British star was working with Shakur on 1997 film GRIDLOCK'D when she asked him about his many tattoos. She recalls, "Because I'm not a typical homegirl, one of the first things I said to him was, 'What's that tattoo? It looks like a penis.' "He laughed and laughed and laughed, I think it was actually a crucifix. My filthy English mind!" And Newton further embarrassed himself when she quizzed the late rapper about his gunshot wound. She tells Giant magazine, "He said, 'It's a scar from being shot.' `What? You were shot?' He's like, 'You don't know I was shot at point-blank range?' "He told me the whole story about how he was shot for the first time in the goolies (testicles), then his f**king skull. But it was someone sweet telling you the story."