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Thanks for speaking out against the war on Gaza. I think it's great when celebrities are courageous about taking a stand for occupied people anywhere. The previous comments is sadly biased and I think unrepresentative of what the majority of the world thinks. War and occupation and neo-colonialism is utterly inappropriate. We need better media like Al Jazeera English to balance the biased news we get on the Middle East. Thanks again to those who speak out against war and injustice.

Posted 6 years 5 months ago by thank you

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It's funny, I saw the headline and thought maybe these celebs were condemning Hamas war crimes in Gaza. But it seems that they don't care about Israeli victims of rocket attacks, nor do they care about the Palestinians with terrorists and weapons hidden in their homes, nor do they care about the Palestinian children forced to fight with Hamas, or the women brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers, or the Fatah members that are tortured and killed by Hamas, or Hamas stealing the Gazans aid and then trying to sell it to them, or Hamas firing rockets from schools when they're not brainwashing the children in them, or the fact that the media misreported practically EVERYTHING about the conflict. These celebrities are either completely and utterly stupid, they shouldn't speak out about these things unless they actually know what's going on, or they choose to ignore what's going on, everything Hamas does to Israelis and Palestinians, just for the sake of Israel-bashing and some publicity.

Posted 6 years 11 months ago by lw

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