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Fascinating Fact: 4204697

20th May 2014

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is a big fan of hit mystery series Lost. The show's star Terry O'quinn revealed the singer handed him a watercolour of his character John Locke during their first and only...

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The Things They Say: 3385436

22nd November 2012

"We actually thought we'd lost his guitar in the flood... They took the moisture out of it... and he got back on and started singing away." Vanessa Williams reveals her Tv husband in axed drama...

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Lost Star's Stepfather Set For A Remake

10th June 2006

The classic 1980s thriller that helped launch LOST star TERRY O'QUINN's acting career is set to be remade by MADONNA's movie company, Maverick. O'Quinn won critical acclaim for his 1987 role in THE STEPFATHER, but...

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Lost Stars To Be Turned Into Action Figures

25th May 2006

The stars of hit TV drama LOST are to be turned into action figures by toymaking giants MCFarlane Toys. In a licensing agreement with Disney-ABC Television Group's Touchstone Television, MCFarlane Toys will produce a series...

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The Things They Say 1700

23rd March 2006

"If I hadn't met my wife when I was 27, I'd be an old, sick alcoholic living in a small, dirty apartment with a huge pornography collection." LOST star TERRY O'QUINN feels lucky to be...

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O'quinn Re-ignites Love In Hawaii

16th February 2006

LOST star TERRY O'QUINN is thrilled to be living in Hawaii because it has helped rekindle the romance in his marriage. The star, who plays loner JOHN LOCKE in the hit show, has been...

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The Things They Say 1177

1st February 2006

"Over the last several years when I drank, I turned into a real bitch, so I stopped drinking and started eating more healthy." LOST star TERRY O'QUINN puts his drastic weightloss down to a healthier...

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The Things They Say 1152

30th January 2006

"A friend of mine always says if you don't have something nice to say about someone, let's hear it. So about our cast, I'd like to say that this is the saddest collection of climbing,...

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O'quinn Loves The Lost Diet

5th November 2005

Actor TERRY O'QUINN has discovered starring in desert island TV hit LOST has hidden benefits - he's lost 20 pounds (9 kilograms) since filming began. O'Quinn, 53, who plays enigmatic LOCKE on the show,...

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