Terrence Howard is facing some serious claims of abuse by his former wife, who alleges that the Oscar-nominated actor brutally beat her in her hotel room during a recent trip to Costa Rica. The pair, who finalised their divorce in May this year, were holidaying in the Central American country together last week, with his ex, Michelle Ghent, claiming she was hit after she told Howard she wasn't interested in reigniting their relationship.

Terrence Howard
Howard could be facing a lengthy court battle

According to a report from TMZ, who obtained the court documents filed by Ghent and has pictures of her battered face, she claims in her police report that Howard punched her in the face, then grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall. The attack apparently didn't stop there, as Ghent also claims that after she was hit, Howard walked over to a bedside table where he had concealed 2 knives - between 4 and 6 inches in length - at which point she attempted to pepper spray the actor. Failing to do so correctly, she claims she was thrown to the floor and kicked repeatedly.

Ghent claims that during a previous trip together to Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Howard had threatened to kill her then, which admittedly brings into question why she decided to go back on holiday with him in the first place. Howard meanwhile has said that he is heartbroken by the claims made against him, stating that her accusations are being made now so as to damage his upcoming film, The Butler. The actor also alleges that she was the one threatening to kill him, and says she has a history of mental health issues, including being admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the past.

Terrence & Michelle Howard
Terrence & Michelle in happier times

There is some validation to Howard's claims, however he may just be showing off his abilities as an actor with his own accusations as Howard too has a history instability. In 2001 Howard pleaded guilty to attacking his then wife, Lori McCommas, who claimed that after their divorce the actor stalked her on a number of occasions, even breaking into her home, before he eventually attacked her after forcing his way into her house.

Ghent has since obtained a temporary restraining order against the 44-year-old following the alleged assault, whilst any possible court hearings have not been mentioned to the press. The couple married in January 2010 and filed for divorce a year later, finalising it last in May this year.

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Do you think that Howard is telling the truth, or do you reckon he is a woman beater?