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Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching story.Please be aware, however, that it is inaccurate for the writer of this article to wrongly refer to Terrence Howard, his siblings and his mother as being Black (i.e. 'mono'-racial) when Terrence Howard himself has openly described BOTH of his parents as being Mixed-race (i.e. 'multi'-racial).Howard has made it clear that BOTH of his parents are Mixed-race -- and that his dad was simply 'whiter' in appearance then either he, his mom or his siblings.Mixed-race lineage is not uncommon among people who are members of the 'multi'-racial 'Ethnic' group commonly misnomered as being 'African-American' (AA).Contrary to popular myth, the AAs are NOT a 'mono'-racial 'black' group (or even a "race" group of any sort at all) -- -- but rather -- genetic studies have proven that more than 70% of the people who are born to two AA parents are actually of a Multi-Generational Multi-racially Mixed (MGM-Mixed) / Tri-racial (black-white-Amerindian) lineage.To learn more about this and other 'multi'-racial (i.e. mixed) 'Ethnic' groups, feel free to visit any or all of the three (3) -- all new Mixed-race online discussion groups. /AND AND

Posted 9 years 9 months ago by allpeople

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