Way back when, before John Woo was making shoot-em-ups Stateside, before Hong Kong became property of China once again, and before Chow Yun-Fat tried to prove to the world that he knows how to speak English with the boring The Replacement Killers, we were granted a really cool cult-classic action flick named Hard Boiled.

This flick, probably one of the most violent and definitely one of the most tense action flicks ever done, concerns Tequila (Chow Yun-Fat), a haunted superman of a cop who hangs out at a Jazz bar (run by John Woo) by night and guns down gun runners by day. Like every good guy in John Woo flicks, Tequila is untouchable. Early on, the superintendent of the CID says "Give him one gun, and he's superman, give him two, and he's God." Tequila's girlfriend, Teresa (Teresa Mo) is getting white roses (a motif that shows up later in the "Once a Thief" series) that contain encoded messages from an informant in the triads. This informant, Tony (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) faces the facts that he is beginning to forget whether he is a cop or a gangster.... And all of that is before his world begins to get very confusing.

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