Withdrawal. It has to be withdrawal. This is now Day 2 of my lovely vacation and here I am thinking about it. No CNN. No printer. No Internet. And, come to think of it, no cheesy movies. I suppose, having become accustomed to the bad for so long, I have acceppted them, learned to deal with them, and become adddicted to the destruction of them in a well thought out review. I suppose its ironic that the film that makes me want to tear a film apart, that should make me learn that the bad films, the sufferring, is a part of my life as a movie critic, should be one focused on Buddhism. And it's also ironic that it should stir the violence in my blood.

The film I'm talking about is Martin Scorscese's Kundun, the Dhali Lama film of 1997 that was nominated for four academy awards but walked away with none (sadly). With a cast that no one's heard of it still managed to pull off what is becomming impossible: make a great film about a religion that is, for the most part, misunderstood. Make you sympathize with the Tibetans, and hate the Red Chinese, and, at the same time, illustrate the drama of the Dhali Lama's early life.

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