The Lithuanian producer stirred controversy last week (ends05Jun15) when he took to the social networking site to vent.

He reportedly wrote, "I remember producing music for one Lithuanian musician, who tried to wash my brain that I don't need to be so conservative and intolerant about them. When I asked him 'What would you do if you realized that your 16-year-old son's browny (anus) is ripped by his boyfriend?' Well he was silent."

He is then said to have added, "the good 90s... these people of different breed where (were) fixed", before likening gay sex to paedophilia.

Ten Walls subsequently removed the blog post, but the damage had already been done and bosses at a slew of dance festivals, including Spain's Sonar and Britain's Creamfields, immediately announced he had been dropped from their line-ups.

The DJ returned to Facebook on Monday (08Jun15) and issued an apology, insisting the ill-advised post was "wrong and completely out of character", and he has since pulled out of all his live commitments.

He continued, "It was never my intention to offend anyone. I'm really saddened by everything that has happened and I would like to apologise to everyone I've let down, especially to my friends in the gay community, and my fans. I now need to take a break and have cancelled my upcoming shows."