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What Is It About Brown University? Famous Alumni

By George Percival | 6th June 2014

Like the English elite University hegemony of Oxford and Cambridge, the US Ivy League produces a vast array of talent in various fields. The majority of the political elite pass through the likes of Harvard...

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Jane Fonda Recalls Tough Teen Years

21st March 2014

Jane Fonda ''never felt pretty or confident'' when she was growing up. The actress and fitness video pioneer had a difficult upbringing after he mother took her own life before she became a teenager and...

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Ted Turner Recovering Well After Appendicitis Surgery

11th March 2014

Media mogul Ted Turner is returning to the U.S. after undergoing minor surgery for appendicitis in Argentina.The Cnn founder, 75, was hospitalised in Buenos Aires on Friday (07Mar14), but he has since been discharged and...

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Ted Turner Hospitalised In Argentina

7th March 2014

Media mogul Ted Turner has been hospitalised in South America.The Cnn founder is being treated for appendicitis in Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to multiple reports. Turner's spokesman Phillip Evans has confirmed to The Hollywood...

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Fascinating Fact: 4087360

27th February 2014

Media mogul Ted Turner, the founder of cable news network Cnn, will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sports Emmys ceremony in May (14).

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Cnn Founder Calls For Overhaul Of News Network

24th May 2012

Reese Schonfeld, who co-founded CNN and Headline News Network with Ted Turner in the early '80s, is obviously appalled by the cable news network's continued decline. Writing in the Huffington Post, Schonfeld noted that last...

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News Corp Shareholders Mounting New Revolt Against Murdoch

1st March 2012

Several prominent News Corp shareholders reportedly are prepared to try again to oust James Murdoch from the board of the media giant following his decision to step down as head of News International, the scandal-plagued...

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Jane Fonda's Intimacy Lessons

12th January 2012

Jane Fonda only learnt how to be "intimate" when she reached the age of 60.The 74-year-old actress - who has been married three times - admitted it wasn't until she split from third husband, media...

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Ted Turner Says Murdoch Must Step Down

20th September 2011

Cable pioneer Ted Turner, who once frequently tangled with News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch but recently made peace with him, predicted today (Tuesday) that the telephone hacking scandal that has embroiled Murdoch's British newspaper unit,...

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The Things They Say 22812

13th September 2011

"He and Jane (Fonda) had apparently screened the film and were appalled, but they wouldn't tell me at (film company) New Line." Director David Cronenberg reveals media mogul Ted Turner and his former wife hated...

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Usher Awards Turner For Lifetime Of Philanthropy

26th July 2011

R&B star Usher honoured media mogul Ted Turner for his years of charity work last week (ends22Jul11) by presenting him with an award in Atlanta, Georgia.The Yeah! hitmaker and his New Look Foundation, a youth...

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The Things They Say 19378

6th December 2010

"We had the most wonderful 10 years together. He's the best ex-husband. We're very close and I'm close to his five children." Veteran actress JANE FONDA remains good friends with her ex-husband TED TURNER.

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Fascinating Fact 10248

2nd November 2010

Officials have launched an investigation after a cow at TED TURNER's Montana ranch contracted a highly-contagious bacterial disease. The bison cow was killed after livestock authorities discovered it had contracted brucellosis. Two others in the...

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Rick Sanchez Gets De-listed From Cnn

4th October 2010

Rick Sanchez, host of CNN's Rick's List , was booted by the cable news channel after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" during a radio interview and complaining that "everybody who runs CNN" is, like Stewart,...

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Fascinating Fact 8799

5th February 2010

JANE FONDA's ex-husband, media mogul TED TURNER, was honoured by the International Women's Health Coalition in New York City this week (beg01Feb10) for his charity work.

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Kutcher Pranks Turner - As Promised

15th May 2009

ASHTON KUTCHER made good on his promise to prank CNN boss TED TURNER on Wednesday (13May09) by staging a demonstration outside the media mogul's Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. Kutcher challenged CNN to a 'Tweet-off' last month (Apr09)...

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Kutcher Celebrates Twitter Victory

18th April 2009

ASHTON KUTCHER is celebrating after beating news giant CNN to one million followers - and now he plans to prank the network's owner TED TURNER, and film it. In the early hours of Friday (17Apr09),...

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Fascinating Fact 7192

17th April 2009

ASHTON KUTCHER is taking on TED TURNER and his news giant CNN to see who is more popular on social networking website The actor and Twitter fanatic insists he'll beat the global TV network...

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Fonda Vows Not To Reunite With Turner

3rd April 2009

JANE FONDA has vowed never to reignite her love affair with ex-husband TED TURNER, even though she still has "feelings" for the media mogul. The two have remained friendly since their 2001 divorce, with Turner even...

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Turner's Tears For Fonda

12th November 2008

Actress JANE FONDA upset former husband TED TURNER so much when she left him, he sat on their bedroom floor and wept. The media mogul comes clean about the couple's 2001 divorce in his new...

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Turner And Fonda Open Up About Divorce

10th November 2008

Actress JANE FONDA and former husband TED TURNER have opened up about their tumultuous marriage the media mogul's new memoir. In his autobiography, Call Me Ted, the pair both come clean about the events that...

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Fascinating Fact 4510

15th December 2007

JANE FONDA celebrated her 70th birthday with ROSIE O'DONNELL, her 9 TO 5 co-star LILY TOMLIN, SALLY FIELD and ex-husband TED TURNER in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday night (13Dec07).

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Turner Chased Fonda For A Date

21st September 2006

Romantic media mogul TED TURNER was so desperate to land a date with JANE FONDA, he called her the day it was announced she was getting divorced from political activist TOM HAYDEN. The impatient billionaire...

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Ted Turner Blasts Bush

20th September 2006

Media mogul TED TURNER has blasted the politicians who sent US troops to war in Iraq, claiming the invasion ranks among the "dumbest moves of all time". The CNN founder, who was married to actress...

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Fonda: 'Turner Has Begged Me To Take Him Back'

10th August 2006

Former movie sex symbol JANE FONDA has rejected ex-husband TED TURNER's pleas for them to reunite, even though she describes him as her perfect man. The couple split five years ago after a ten year...

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Fonda Joined Mile-high Club

19th April 2006

NINE TO FIVE star JANE FONDA was shocked when media mogul TED TURNER asked her if she wanted to have sex in his private plane on one of their first dates. The actress was taken...

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Fonda Had Threesome?

2nd March 2006

Oscar-winning actress JANE FONDA video-taped a three-in-a-bed romp with her ex-husband TED TURNER and an unnamed brunette, according to an explosive new book. Author ALLAN MACDONELL, former editor of Hustler magazine, alleges the tape shows...

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Ted Turner Retires

27th February 2006

CNN founder and media mogul TED TURNER has decided to step down from his role on the board at Time Warner. The 67-year-old, who founded the Cable News Network in 1980 and merged his...

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Turner Blasts Reports He's Joining Fonda's Peace Tour

12th August 2005

Media mogul TED TURNER has slammed reports he's joining ex-wife JANE FONDA on her peace tour, which aims to lobby American President GEORGE W BUSH to pull US troops out of Iraq. The KLUTE...

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Fonda Wants A 50-Year Wedding Anniversary

7th April 2005

BARBARELLA star JANE FONDA holds a deep regret that she'll never be able to celebrate a 50-year wedding anniversary with the love of her life. The thrice-wed actress, who hasn't remarried since divorcing media...

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