Last week Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were touring England, now they’re getting back to Taylor’s roots stateside, as the couple prepares to spend Christmas at a ski resort in Utah.

The pair were spotted a few times skiing, having lunch and generally enjoying their time together as young couples with lots of money tend to do. They also reportedly had lunch with Taylor’s brother Austin, as well as her mother. The brief holiday will be all the pair can get however, since Taylor is about to jet off to Australia to do some promotional appearances for her new album. It is unclear how long this trip will last, but sources say that the couple will actually be spending Christmas down under.

The singer gushed about the upcoming trip to Country Weekly magazine, saying: “It's gonna be non-stop sun. So it will be weird to have a tan around Christmas but I'm really excited about it.” Harry will also reportedly join her in Australia, making the trip that much more fun, we’re sure. Well, all of the jet-setting seems to provide the perfect setting for the budding relationship and Harry and Taylor seem more in love than ever. The newly christened Haylor (please no, anything but that) is certainly going strong.