Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld reunited for a pre-Christmas celebration.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' hitmaker, 24, invited the 17-year-old actress, who is one of her best friends, over to bake cookies, decorate her tree and make festive greeting cards on Thursday (19.12.13).

Taylor shared a picture of their creations and the 'True Grit' star on her Instagram site, with the caption: ''It's not possible for her to be cuter or for this day to be more festive.''

She added a second photograph that shows them holding up decorations, and joked: ''Merry Swiftmas and Hailee New Year.''

The Oscar-nominee also shared a picture of their craft supplies, including scissors, ribbons and glue, on her site, with the caption: ''Handmade, with love.''

The 'Ender's Game' star previously discussed their special bond and why she considers Taylor to be like her big sister.

She said: ''We connected a few years ago; she's like a big sister to me. She's the best listener. I feel like I can call or text her wherever she is in the world and she'll always be there.''