Taylor Swift is one of the music industry's most successful female singers, so her opinion on the whole industry is definitely worth a listen.

For the firs time ever, the 24 year-old songstress crossed over into journalism for the Wall Street Journal on Monday (July 7th) to discuss how online streaming and illegal downloads are putting CD sales at near-record lows.

But according to Swift, "the music industry is not dying. it's just coming alive."

In the op-ed piece, the 'Red' hit maker explained why she remains an "enthusiastic optimist," despite low-budget streaming services destroying sales figures in recent years.

Her solution is that artists need to take responsibility when making music, explaining that they must put their "heart and soul" into creating a new record for their fans "like an arrow through the heart" and "allowed them to feel like they aren't alone in feeling so alone."

"The way I see it, fans view music the way they view their relationships. Some music is just for fun, a passing fling (the ones they dance to at clubs and parties for a month while the song is a huge radio hit, that they will soon forget they ever danced to)," she wrote.

"Some songs and albums represent seasons of our lives, like relationships that we hold dear in our memories but had their time and place in the past," Swift continued.

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Adding, "However, some artists will be like finding 'the one.' We will cherish every album they put out until they retire and we will play their music for our children and grandchildren. As an artist, this is the dream bond we hope to establish with our fans."

The Grammy Award-winning singer also took this opportunity to address all her country music fans that accuse her of selling out and crossing into the more mainstream markets.

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"The wild, unpredictable fun in making music today is that anything goes. Pop sounds like hip hop; country sounds like rock; rock sounds like soul; and folk sounds like country-and to me, that's incredible progress," she wrote. "This moment in music is so exciting because the creative avenues an artist can explore are limitless. In this moment in music, stepping out of your comfort zone is rewarded, and sonic evolution is not only accepted.it is celebrated. The only real risk is being too afraid to take a risk at all."

Taylor Swift
Swift remains an "enthusiastic optimist" about the future of the music industry